We all know craft beer just tastes better and it tastes even better when you
make it yourself at The Occasional Brewer.


Inspired by the crowds gathered around the Farra Brewing System at Beervana 2013 we
had an idea. What if we could make the system available to everyone who wanted to brew
their own craft beer? If we bought it would beer lovers come?


And so The Occasional Brewer was born.


We help you make great craft beer – at our place.


We supply the top-of-the-line brewing system, high quality ingredients
(that’s grain, not extract) and expertise. Just bring your mates and a love of craft
 beer. It’s your choice; light, dark or somewhere in between.


Brewing is heaps of fun, no experience is required and there’s no clean up.


At The Occasional Brewer making your own craft beer is easy. Come and brew at our place.


We know you’ll love your brew, but if something does go wrong, we’ll work out why, and you
 can re-brew it on us.




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85 Adelaide Road

Mt Cook


New Zealand

Bar and brew space opening hours:


Mon: Group functions

Tue - Thur: 5pm to late

Friday: 12pm to late

Weekend: 10am to late

Call us on 04  384 8268

Email us at info@theoccasionalbrewer.co.nz