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Bottling takes about an hour to an hour and a half per brew (less time if you have more bottlers). You’ll spend that time sanitising your bottles, racking your beer into a bottling bucket and filling the bottles. We’ll look after the clean up.


We bottle carbonate, which means you add priming sugar to the bottling bucket that works with the residual yeast to create CO2 in the bottle.


We recommend that you leave the beer for a couple of weeks to carbonate.  Ideally the bottles should be stored at room temperature but in an area that isn’t subject to significant temperature fluctuations (our advice is to aim for a range of 17º to 19º).

Type                                                   Cost                How many for 40 litres                Total:

750 ml    glass bottle       $2.00 each                      54                         $108.00

750 ml    plastic bottle     $1.00 each                      54                         $54.00

500 ml    plastic bottle     $0.80 each                      80                         $64.00




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