We have twelve brew stations that each produce one 40 litre brew at a time. A brew can be done solo or shared by up to three people - great for friends or workmates. More people are welcome to observe the brewing from the bar area, or you can book multiple brew stations.


The first step is to find a session time that suits you and book in your brew. To check out availability or make a booking click here.


Once you've made your booking, you need to choose which beer you want to brew. If you're not sure what to brew, you can sample most of the beers at our bar. Let us know your choice at the start of your brewing session.


Standard brews start at $159, click here to see our full range of beer and pricing


We have everything you need to brew your beer. You just need to bring official ID (e.g. drivers licence) as we need to keep a record for the Government). Also you will need footwear that can withstand a splash of beer (doesn’t happen often but best to be prepared).




The brew takes 3-4 hours and there is ample time for you to grab a beer or a bite to eat during the session.

You need to come back 2 -3 weeks after brewing to bottle your beer. You can either book your Bottling session during your Brew with one of our staff members or we can issue a Bottling Voucher to be redeemed later.

For us to guarantee the success of your brew, you must bottle between 12 and 21 days after brewing. Leaving it longer is possible but not recommended, and we won't guarantee it.

After bottling, leave the bottles in a warm place to condition for another two weeks at room temperature.

Then enjoy your beer!



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