Let's get through this together: COVID-19

At the Occasional Brewer we love what we’re doing, and know you do too - we’re committed to getting through this with our “5 Point Plan” focussing on:

  1. Customer and Staff Safety
  2. Practical and Effective Social Distancing options
  3. Adaption and Resilience
  4. Excitement
  5. Responsiveness to our Brewer’s Needs and Concerns

Customer and Staff Safety:

As Occasional Brewers you’ll know the brewing mantra: Sanitize! Sanitize! Sanitize! Until now our sanitation focus has been on ensuring safe, successful brews, but we’ll now be stepping this up with a stronger focus on personal safety. We’ve even gone and distilled spirits as a base for our customers’ hand sanitiser until we can get commercial stocks!

We’re committed to following Ministry of Health Guidelines which recommend regular cleaning and sanitising surfaces as one of the most important preventative measures.

Also, we’ll ensure staff know good practices (such as greetings, social distancing, and cough control) and work with customers to help each other get this right. We’ll do our best to ensure customers and staff comply with Government’s guidance and regulation.

Practical and Effective Social Distancing Options:

We’ve begun working through how we can reconfigure teaching, brewing and bottling to give people the social distance they require. Our plans include greater separation between brew kits and bottling stations and moving to smaller sessions. We’re also working on fully supported brew-at-home options.

Adaptation and resilience:

In addition to changing how we run out sessions in-house, our kits can be made mobile relatively easily so you can brew at home with family and/or friends. We’ll be piloting that shortly – watch this space.

We’re also keen to make more of our fillery – our freshly brewed craft beer is literally “on tap” for the taking. If you can’t make it to us to collect some, we are planning logistics to deliver it to your door!


We’re proud of our innovation and we know we can do more. We’ve got a bit up our sleeves, but first-off-the-block will be single malt whiskey distilled at home with our guidance and gear. Imagine watching a little barrel of spirit you made yourself age at home while waiting for normality to return. We just felt we need to add a focus on keeping our spirits up! (Yes, we know it’s a weak pun)..

Responsiveness to our Brewers’ Needs and Concerns:

We’ll put in place mechanisms to get customer feedback on how we’re doing and what we could do better – including a prominent suggestions box on site. We’ll review how we’re doing at regular team meetings keep you informed through signage, newsletters and social media as we refine and roll out this plan and review our practices.

While this is obviously a scary time for a lot of people, we feel the need to try and make the best of a bad situation, and hope you do to. If you have any queries or concerns regarding brewing with us, home brewing, purchasing beer, or any of the topics discussed in this newsletter, we urge you to get in contact with us via email or phone..

Kia Kaha,

The OB Team