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Beers marked with * on the beers page should be “dry hopped” 3-7 days before bottling. This adds more hop flavour and aroma. The process takes 5 mins and no booking is required. Please check our opening hours before dry hopping.

Prices from Nov 1st 2023

Blonde Ale


An approachable blonde ale with subtle notes of white wine and lemongrass. A small dose of wheat fills out the body and retains just a bit of sweetness. Refreshing and uncomplicated, a perfect beer for the warmer months.

Golden Lager


For the pinnacle of thirst-quenching pleasure and mass-appeal, look no further. Clean and so easy to drink. There’s a time and place for fancy ingredients and it’s not now. Not too hoppy, not too boozy, just right.

Low Down & Shifty*


This pale ale punches above its weight on the flavour scale. We add oats, wheat and crystal malts to maintain mouthfeel, body and some residual sweetness. Big late additions of fruity NZ Hops make for a very hoppy low alcohol option.

NZ Pilsner


The style once synonymous with European finery is undeniably now one for the people. Elemental in its compositional purity, it is crisp, dry, and bitter with nothing to hide behind. Pale malt, mild floral hops, and an incredibly clean fermenting yeast epitomize this test of brewing prowess.



A yeast-forward Belgian ale, typically bone dry, with an expressive, fruity and spicy finish. Exceptionally aromatic, peppery, and at its best when highly effervescent.



A classic thirst quenching German style wheat beer that is refreshing and lightly hopped. Notes of fresh bread, clove, banana and subtle vanilla, it finishes dry with minimal bitterness.

Fruit Sour*

$199 + Fruit

Excellent for those summer days where you need a fruity and tart palate cleanser. Brew a smooth wheat based beer and add your fruit of choice to the fermenter five to seven days before bottling. You will have to source your own fruit. We recommend 4kg of frozen fruit (the amount depends on the type of fruit, ask us for suggestions).

Irish Stout


The classic stout: Black in colour, creamy in mouthfeel, and dry in finish. Roasted malt flavours dominate the palette with only token, earthy hop character. No vanilla, no oats, no frills make this the stout you can keep drinking.

London Porter


A moderate-strength dark beer with a restrained roasty character and bitterness. THe recipe is modelled on a classic example brewed by Fullers in London. Has a chocolate-caramel-malty profile.

Scotch Ale


A hearty malt focused ale with rich, nutty caramel flavours, warming alcohol and a subtle roastiness.

Extra Special Bitter


A traditional English style balancing an array of caramel flavours with pronounced hop bitterness. While not quite “hoppy,” this beer doesn’t shy away from its traditional form: A refined but highly drinkable pale ale.

Oatmeal Stout


Jet black in colour, this ale has strong roasted and chocolate notes, and subtle dark fruit/raisin character. An addition of oats make it full bodied with a rich/creamy mouthfeel.

Red Ale


A rich and complex ale with burnt toffee, pine and orange marmalade notes. A perfect balance of malt and hops.

Summer Ale*


A super refreshing, moderately hopped, light and spritzy ale. This brew has a subtle malt character akin to freshly baked bread, and citrus and tropical fruit notes from the NZ grown hop varieties employed.

Smoked Scotch Ale


A healthy dose of Manuka Smoked Malt gives this beer the smokey complexity of a peaty Scotch Whisky. Malt driven with a rich caramel malt backbone, and a warming alcohol flavour.

American Pale Ale*


Nestled away in the Pacific Northwest of the United States lies the Yakima valley, America’s Nelson. The hops grown there are evergreen, marmalade, and nectarine to the nose and even better on the tongue. This pale ale is a little taste of Americana.

Session Pale Ale*


Lighter in alcohol, big on flavour. Ripe tropical fruit and citrus notes dominate the flavour of this highly-hopped, lower-alcohol pale ale. Malt takes somewhat of a back foot, but keeps the hops in balance.



In case the name didn’t clue you in, this IPA is a tropical orchard in a glass. Mango and passionfruit mingle with blackberry and pineapple to demonstrate what happens when Kiwi innovation collides with English tradition and American style.



The Extra Pale Ale. Light in malt and colour. This beauty packs an aromatic hop punch with Rakau leading the way.

Cider (from fruit concentrate)


Choose from the following flavours (subject to availability): Apple Cider, Mixed Berry, Elderflower & Lime, Peach and Passionfruit, Raspberry and Mango.

Imperial Stout


Dark as night with strong roasted malt character. Dark fruit and molasses on the nose, distinct alcohol warmth and a silky smooth mouthfeel. A real winter warmer that will develop in complexity with age.

Red IPA*


As hoppy as any beer you’ll find and boasting the deep malty flavor of an amber, this Red IPA is an absolute gem. Mild cranberry, orange zest, and golden sultana flavours are contributed by numerous crystal malts, but finish appropriately dry. Hop aroma is pure stone fruit, peaches and apricot.

East Coast IPA*


Slightly hazy, full bodied and less bitter than a traditional IPA. Three intense hops varieties give this IPA juicy, tropical and stone fruit hop character. The style originated in the Northeast of the USA and is a counterpoint to the incredibly bitter and dry Californian West Coast IPA.

Turbo APA*


A homage to a popular Wellington craft brew. A light yet well-balanced malt body, with large amounts of hard to get American hops: Citra, Amarillo, Simcoe and Centennial. These are added late in the boil, and in the dry hop to give the beer strong fruit and citrus notes, without being overly bitter.

West Coast IPA*


A tip of the hat to the great American West Coast IPAs and the hops that revolutionized an industry. With a hefty malt backbone, necessary to stand up to the aggressive hop regime, comes a high abv. Copious grapefruit and gratuitous pine punch the palette and leave a moreish bitterness.

Hazy IPA


Silky mouthfeel to leave lasting juiciness with a refreshing citrus and tropical punch. Huge additions of premium US hops Sabro and Simcoe.

Beers not listed above

ABV depends on ingredients.
Price depends on ingredients.

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