Host a truly unique event

Whether it's a Christmas function, team event, or brewing a beer for your wedding, The Occasional Brewer is the place for you. We offer your guests an amazing experience brewing and tasting delicious craft beer in a relaxed and fun environment. No prior brewing experience is required.

People enjoying the experience, standing on the blooring floor amongst the brewing equipment.

Brew for your wedding, stag do or hen’s party

Choose from of our signature brews or work with one of our in-house brewers to design your own special brew and custom labels. The beer can be served at your wedding day (we have kegs/tap units available to rent) or bottled. Brewing the beer also makes a great bachelor/bachelorette outing and we can cater for groups small and large.

What you get

  • Informative and hands-on brewing experience (approximately 3 hour duration, including meal break)
  • Choose from a range of more than 20 craft beer recipes
  • Non-alcoholic options: If you're making a group booking, alongside the beer making you also have the option of making real, hand crafted non-alcoholic drinks such as ginger beer, cola or lemonade from scratch. Get in touch for more information.
  • You can also make cider instead of beer: please get in touch to arrange this ( there are five flavours, all priced at $199 for 40 litres)
  • Expert guidance from our in-house brewers
  • Package your beer into bottles or kegs
  • Fully licensed bar with house-brewed beers and other beverages
  • Each brew station you book makes 40 litre of beer (a station is shared by up to three people)
  • More people can watch the brewing from the bar, or you can book up to 16 stations at once
  • Book out the whole place and we can cater for larger groups


  • Create a one-off custom recipe (additional costs may apply)
  • Guided beer tasting ($20 pp for 4 beers, $30 pp for 6 beers)
  • Creating customised labels
  • If you can’t return to bottle the beer after two weeks, we can bottle or keg your beer and arrange delivery (labour, freight and excise costs will apply).

Bottling or Kegging

  • Two to three weeks after brewing, the beer needs to be packaged
  • Packaging option 1: Bottle the beer yourself under our guidance, and condition the bottles for at least two weeks at home before drinking
  • Packaging option 2: For an event. Put the beer into 50 litre kegs hired from us. If your venue does not have taps we can also hire out a portable tap unit for dispensing the beer.

Food options

  • Food trucks.
  • Bar food including hot pies and platters.
  • We can organise catering.

What it costs

  • Choose a beer from our list from $159 per brew station (price covers all brew participants)
  • Create a unique brew ($10 extra per brew, total cost is dependent on the recipe)
  • Keg hire, per brew station ($40 for first week, $15 per week after)
  • Portable tap unit and gas bottle for pouring from kegs ($60 for first week, $20 per week after - subject to availability)
  • Reusable bottles (from $48 per brew for plastic, or $96 per brew for glass)
  • Professional quality labels, customized for your brew ($50 per set of 50 labels)

If you are unsure of how many brew stations to book, please give us a call to discuss your options. We can arrange a booking with more than three people per station. This would involve splitting the group between the bar and brew space, and the participants can tag in/out from the bar to the brew space during the brew.

More on Brewing and Bottling

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