Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift for the beer lover in your life

Labelled beer bottles on a shelf


Purchase a gift voucher online (it will be emailed to you directly) or pick one up in store.

Gin Crafters or Beer Brewing vouchers are available!

For Brewing, choose the value based on which beer you think the recipient would like to brew. Not sure what beer they would like to brew? No problem! Just select our base price "$159 Brew" and the recipient can choose their beer later on. One brew makes 40 litres of one beer.

Any value of voucher can be put towards any value of brew - if there is a price difference it can be settled when they brew.

Recipients can bring a friend or two with them to brew for no additional charge.

You can also purchase Occasional Brewer Dollars, which come in $20, $50 and $100 increments. These can be used for anything at the bar, or put towards a brewing session.

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Two weeks after they brew their beer, the recipient will need bottles.

You can add bottles to the gift voucher purchase online during the “Add Ons” stage.

Alternatively brewers can bring their own clean bottles, or purchase them from us when they bottle (no pre-orders required, we keep bottles in stock).

More info about Bottling

Redeem your voucher

If you have a bottling voucher, use the same link above but make sure you enter the bottling voucher code, not the code from your brewing session.

To redeem Occasional Brewer Dollars in the bar/shop just bring the voucher/code with you. To put them towards a brew, please call or email us.

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