Labelled beer bottles on a shelf  

Important Bottling Information

If you want to reuse bottles they need to be cleaned and spotless before you bring them in, or you will be turned away. See below for an easy method to clean your bottles.

  • You need to bottle between 12 and 21 days after brewing (14 days is ideal).
  • Please get in touch if this timing presents a problem for you - you might be able to leave it longer but we won't guarantee the brew.
  • Book your bottling session during your brew with our staff or ask us to email you a bottling voucher for you to book it in later.
  • Bottling takes about 60 to 90 mins per brew (less time if you have more bottlers).
  • There’s no charge for bottling but you will need to organise bottles.

Disposal of old beer: Beer that is left in our fermentation room longer than four weeks can pose a risk to other beers and will be disposed of on your behalf, unless a special arrangement has been made.


Bottles that we sell

No pre-order required - when you arrive for bottling, let us know which bottles you want and how many.

Size Type Cost Count* Total
750ml glass $2.40 54 $129.60
500ml glass $2.40 80 $192
500ml plastic $0.80 80 $64
750ml plastic $1.00 54 $54
1.25L plastic $1.50 32 $48
Screw top lid plastic $0.20
Crown seals x150 $6.00
*Count based on a 40L brew size.


Reusing Bottles

  • Before you bring your bottles in for bottling, make sure they have been cleaned and are spotless
  • Clean bottles then go through our bottle sanitiser machine, dirty bottles will only compromise our sanitiser and everyone's beers.
  • If the bottles are not cleaned prior to your arrival, you will either have to buy bottles from us, or reschedule your bottling session and come back with clean bottles.
  • We do not have facilities to clean dirty bottles on site.
  • The easiest way to keep you're bottles clean is give them a rinse and scrub with a bottle brush after each use and then store them upside down.
  • If the bottle is left dirty for too long, we recommend putting them through a dishwasher before brushing.


After bottling

  • The sugar added during bottling will begin converting into CO2 (and a small amount of alcohol) by the yeast present in your finished beer.
  • Store the bottles in a warm place (17 - 20C) for two weeks to condition and carbonate.
  • Avoid areas with big fluctuations in temperature and avoid direct sunlight.
  • After your two weeks is up, chill your bottles upright in a fridge for at least a couple of hours.
  • Take care not to disturb the sediment (yeast) when pouring your beer into a glass or jug.